One part epic drumming, one part fretboard magic and two parts massively soulful frontwoman: Zenith Moon is truly an elixir of sensory revelation. 


Kahli (Vocals), Andie (Drums) and Matthew (Guitar) have struck a balance between old and new: Kahli lifts smooth vocals straight from the late Mrs Franklin then avo-smashes it with 70’s rock, 90’s RnB and modern pop, Andie brings the drumkit to the forefront with dizzyingly sensational rhythms spawned by progressive rock and jazz fusion, and Matt is there to tie things together with soulful licks; the roots of which are grown all the way to depths of blues (with a scenic detour or two via Pink Floyd). But the one thing that unites them all is a motivating desire to express themselves as honestly as they know how.


For live shows, the tight-knit trio opens their ranks to utilise keyboards, extra guitars, bass and a backing vocals section to create a wholesomely huge and captivating performance. 


They’re here to lighten the mood, make you cry, make you dance, and most importantly of all, make you nod your head up and down while you say ‘Mmmm, that’s the stuff.’ 


Formed in 2018, the band has enjoyed many successes playing alongside Melbourne legends (Creek, The Dead Amigos) and cutting their teeth at some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues (Cherry Bar, Evelyn Hotel). 


They released their debut single/video ‘Inhibition,’ in 2018 to critical acclaim. Heavy Mag comments: ‘Zenith Moon have crafted a particularly exciting debut in Inhibition...everything about the track is massive, from the face-melting guitar to the bold, empowering vocals from lead singer Kahli Rose.’ 


Zenith Moon’s sophomore single, Bare (Be My Baby), is at its core is a love song about that overwhelming feeling of vulnerability felt while falling, with lead singer Kahli’s performance being described as “Deep, confident and glazey.” The track was met with equal praise: even getting airtime on Triple J’s Roots’n’all and all over Australia on the community radio network. 


Hungry for greener pastures, the band joined forces with Golden Robot Records (Sydney), signing a developmental deal in mid 2019. This marriage will see the fruition of two brand new singles ‘Going Under’ and ‘Illuminate’ in 2020.

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